Killer Diesel: Vehicular pollution in Delhi decoded

New Delhi, March 26 (G’nY News Service): Diesel vehicles in India are the dominant source of vehicular air pollution, as they emit astounding levels of fine particulate matter (PM) 2.5 as compared to other fuelled vehicles. According to 2014 version of the ambient air pollution (AAP) database released by World Health Organisation (WHO), Delhi, the national capital, is the most polluted city in the world due to its alarming PM 2.5 levels. In a nation where millions of citizens are plagued by respiratory diseases caused and worsened by air pollution, as per the Global Burden of Disease 2010 data, the need of the hour is to urgently seek alternate solutions to unchecked addition of diesel cars and SUVs in the national capital.

Ryan Robinson, a PhD student at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, UK, states “diesel exhaust is a significant component of urban air pollution, containing a complicated mixture of gases and airborne particles”. His paper on the impact of diesel exhaust particles on airway sensory nerves presented at the 13th European Respiratory Society Lung Science Conference in March 2015 shows that exposure to diesel particles is associated with harmful health effects.

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