Embroiled in a sea of deep controversy

New Delhi, Feb 21 (G’nY News Service): Ripped apart by the fishermen forums and the media, mostly in Kerala, and touted as the most controversial report of the decade, the protest against Dr. B. Meenakumari’s ‘Deep sea fishing policy and guidelines’ draft is all set to overturn the ‘blue revolution’ agenda of the new government. Of the many alleged shortfalls of the draft report, which was put out in the public domain by the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries on 20th August 2014 for comments, the most pertinent alludes to livelihood. The seven member committee is headed by Dr. B. Meenakumari, DDG (Fisheries), Indian Council of Agricultural Research submitted thedraft report last year.However, careful reading of the draft report reveals that most of what is being said may be at cross-purposes, with an agenda to block fisheries development and long-term sustainability efforts of the well-meaning scientists of the nation. Trade unions to media houses and from NGOs to political parties are bending the report to create an issue based on misinterpretation of the report.

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Ajit Tyagi very small

Mandatory AQI and complimentary prediction systems needed- Ajit Tyagi 

  Dr Dipika Sur Removing garbage and litter will erase diarrhoea - Dr Dipika Sur   shailesh n box MoES to focus on discovery, improved observations- Shailesh Nayak
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pollution HC to hear plea to control Delhi air pollution (New Delhi, March 4)
Fly-ash mismanagement cause of pollution in Odisha (Bhubaneswar, Feb 23)
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life-on-earth Seven spider venom compounds can relieve chronic pain (Melbourne, March 4)
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health Clean air improves kids' lung, says study (Washington, March 5)
Radiologists see improved diagnostic options for prostate cancer (Vienna, March 5)
High-salt diet may boost immune response (London, March 4)
Scientists create cartilage from stem cells (London, March 4)
Three-five cups of coffee daily good for heart (Seoul, March 3)
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Hunger-controlling neurons made from skin cells (Washington, March 2)
'Warrior' fungus threatening wheat production (London, March 2)
'Less painful' treatment for enlarged prostates (New York, March 1)
Daily coffee can lower multiple sclerosis risk (Washington, Feb 27)
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weather 38 killed by storm in Tanzania (Dar Es Salaam, March 5)
Snow avalanche alert in Himachal (Shimla, Jan 20)
Philippines storm toll rises to 35 (Manila, Dec 31)
Cold wave intensifies in UP, 20 more dead (Lucknow, Dec 27)
Typhoon Hagupit displaces 1.6 mn; toll 27 (Manila, Dec 9)
Typhoon Hagupit kills 21 in Philippines (Manila, Dec 8)
German woman searches for husband missing in Kashmir floods (New Delhi, Sep 10)
Thousands evacuated as Odisha river breaches embankment (Bhubaneswar, July 22)
13 killed as storm hits Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow, May 26)
Huge quakes may rock San Francisco: Study (Washington, May 20)
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wildlife Scientists question rush to build Nicaragua canal (Washington, March 5)
Farmers feel the heat as rain damages crops (Agra/Aligarh/Mathura March 2)
Lithium to come from Chinese coal (Beijing, Feb 27)
Agricultural insecticides dangerous for water bodies (London, Feb 26)
Another radioactive water leak at Fukushima reported (Tokyo, Feb 25)
Number of Australian bush fires to increase (Canberra, Feb 24)
Hot water treatment for Indian mangoes for EU market (New Delhi, Feb 19)
Poland air pollution most severe in EU (Warsaw, Feb 17)
Swamps, wetlands may be key in fight against climate change (Melbourne, Feb 16)
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7 dead as epic storm buries western New York state (New York, Nov 20)

Small volcanic eruptions slowing down global warming? (Washington, Nov 19)
Rain, erratic power supply affect Metro services (New Delhi, May 30)
Heat wave likely to hit Bengal's fish, agriculture harvest (Kolkata, May 21)
Indian seismologist warned about Mexico quake two months ago (Bangalore, April 20)
Air, surface links to Kashmir Valley restored (Srinagar, March 13
28 dead as rain, hailstorms lash Maharashtra (Mumbai, March 12)
Unseasonal snowfall disrupts life in Kashmir Valley (Srinagar, March 11)
Avalanche warning issued in Kashmir (Jammu, March 10)
75 rescued after avalanche hits north Kashmir (Srinagar, March 4)
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Mitigating electric car 'range anxiety' (London, March 4)
Efficiency of Electric cars depends on weather (New York, Feb 28)
Solar cells made more efficient (London, Feb 26)
Plant biomass can feed global chemical industry (Tokyo, Feb 23)
Kolkata gets 50 carbon-neutral, solar street lights (Kolkata, Feb 16)
Indian scientists turn coconut oil into biofuel (Kochi, Feb 6)
First solar-powered flight around the globe to touch India (Abu Dhabi, Jan 21)
Gujarat to train army of solar technicians (Bengaluru, Jan 17)
Solar, wind power to become cheapest in Asia (Helsinki, Jan 15)
Next generation electric car battery in making (Toronto, Jan 13)
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