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New system can 'cheaply' process mobile images (New York, Nov 14)

Smartphone could help detect air pollution (Sydney, Nov 13)
Nod to Arianespace for launch of ISRO satellite (Chennai, Nov 7)
Strong solar winds may have stripped life on Mars (Washington, Nov 6)
NASA seeks astronauts for deeper space missions (Washington, Nov 5)
Ancient 'magic' plant to help grow food in space (Sydney, Nov 4)
Robotic lab is pride of Gurgaon government school (Gurgaon, Nov 4)
India has 75-125 nuclear weapons (Washington, Nov 3)
Scientists develop super sensitive magnetic sensor (Singapore, Nov 1)
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pollution '627,000 die every year of particulate air pollution' (New Delhi, March 11)
HC to hear plea to control Delhi air pollution (New Delhi, March 4)
Fly-ash mismanagement cause of pollution in Odisha (Bhubaneswar, Feb 23)
Poland air pollution most severe in EU (Warsaw, Feb 17)
Paris pushes half the cars off roads to cut pollution (Paris, March 16)
France offers free weekend transport to ease air pollution (Paris, March 15)
Agra's leather shoe units told to check pollution (Agra, Feb 20)
Gulf of Mexico oil spill may give tunas heart attacks (Washington, Feb 16)
Three oil spills in two weeks foul Singapore’s waters (Singapore, Feb 11)
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life-on-earth New species of duckbilled dinosaur found (New York, Nov 13)
Archaeologists find dog sized rat (Melbourne, Nov 8)
Monkeys in Asia harbouring virus from humans (New York, Nov 6)
How jaws influenced dinosaurs' diets (London, Nov 4)
Oldest Iberian lynx lived 1.6 million years ago (London, Oct 29)
Four British bird species face extinction (London, Oct 29)
When 800-foot wave engulfed entire African island (New York, Oct 5)
How blue whales plan their feed 'outings' (New York, Oct 4)
Ancient Egyptians bred birds as offering to the gods (London, Sep 4)
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health Drug that could limit spread of deadly brain tumours (New York, Nov 14)
Use of oxytocin in dairying on Bengal drug controller's radar (Kolkata, Nov 13)
Eat home-made food to cut diabetes risk (New York, Nov 9)
Early life stress linked to depression (New York, Nov 8)
Less sleep may affect kidney (New York, Nov 6)
Omega 3 supplements ineffective in depression (London, Nov 5)
Living alone can kill healthy diets (Sydney Nov 4)
New model to predict drug side-effects on you (New York, Nov 3)
Soybean may protect menopausal women against bone loss (London, Nov 2)
TV ads with toy premiums lure kids to fast food (New York, Nov 1)
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weather 16 killed in France storm, flooding (Paris, Oct 4)
Relief, rescue operation underway in Baltal (Srinagar, July 25)
38 killed by storm in Tanzania (Dar Es Salaam, March 5)
Snow avalanche alert in Himachal (Shimla, Jan 20)
Philippines storm toll rises to 35 (Manila, Dec 31)
Cold wave intensifies in UP, 20 more dead (Lucknow, Dec 27)
Typhoon Hagupit displaces 1.6 mn; toll 27 (Manila, Dec 9)
Typhoon Hagupit kills 21 in Philippines (Manila, Dec 8)
German woman searches for husband missing in Kashmir floods (New Delhi, Sep 10)
Thousands evacuated as Odisha river breaches embankment (Bhubaneswar, July 22)
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wildlife Ice loss speeds up in major Greenland glacier (New York, Nov 13)
Global warming is moving mountains (New York, Nov 6)
Dramatic rise detected in West Antarctic coastal snow (London, Nov 5)
Weather patterns in alien world unveiled (London, Nov 4)
Arctic Ocean to have less ice, more water by 2050s (New York, Nov 3)
Changing lives in water-scarce Bundelkhand through simple dams (Patna village-Madhya Pradesh, Sep 4)
422 trees per person but no reason to cheer (New York, Sep 3)
Vehicular air pollution increases heart attack risk (London, Aug 31)
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Six killed, over 100 injured in Taiwan typhoon (Taipei, Aug 8)

Six killed as Cyclone Pam hits South Pacific island (Port Vila, March 14)
7 dead as epic storm buries western New York state (New York, Nov 20)
Small volcanic eruptions slowing down global warming? (Washington, Nov 19)
Rain, erratic power supply affect Metro services (New Delhi, May 30)
Heat wave likely to hit Bengal's fish, agriculture harvest (Kolkata, May 21)
Indian seismologist warned about Mexico quake two months ago (Bangalore, April 20)
Air, surface links to Kashmir Valley restored (Srinagar, March 13
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New low-cost battery to store renewable energy (New York, Nov 5)
This electric car will take you places sans fuel (Helsinki, Sep 4)
Brazil, Germany ink green energy accord (Rio De Janeiro, Aug 21)
Butterfly-inspired technique could make solar energy cheaper (London, Aug 1)
New design to boost ability of low cost solar panels (New York, July 13)
Solar plane takes off for Hawaii from Japan (Tokyo, June 29)
Evaporating water to produce electricity (New York, June 17)
Australian solar company lights up India's slums (Canberra, May 26)
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