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Meghalayan Age: A new Geological Age within Holocene

The newly incorporated Meghalayan age in the Geological Time Scale replaces what the scientists called the late Holocene and succeeds the Northgrippian age. The new age began roughly 4,200 years ago during a severe drought period, which is what probably wiped out many civilisations flourishing during the time.


General Biodiversity Quiz 2

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General Biodiversity Quiz 1

Take this quiz for a check on your science quotient on biodiversity. All you have to do is match the term with the correct option below. [os-widget path="/anandprakash1/biodiversity-quiz" of="anandprakash1" comments="false"]

Geography of India # Inquest

General Geography Quiz 4

General Geography Quiz 4 India has a lot of geographical wonders, as well as features that make it the beautiful country it is. This general geographical inquest aims to help keep the user more aware about the country and its diverse geography. [os-widget path="/pranav1/general-geography-quiz" of="pranav1" comments="false"]

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General India Quiz

India is a land of multitudes. With so many important aspects of the country, knowing all can be a tedious process at times. Hence we bring for you a quiz every few days so that you can test and improve your knowledge! The purpose is to make the viewer be more aware and get an even better understanding of India. [os-widget path="/pranav1/general-india-quiz" of="pranav1" comments="false"]

Geography of India # Inquest

Geography of India Quiz 3

To keep you updated and to test your knowledge, we have another quiz to help you learn about some interesting features of our country and its Geography [os-widget path="/pranav1/geography-of-india-3" of="pranav1" comments="false"]

General Knowledge # Inquest

Can You Guess These Ten Amazing Women?

India has a lot of Women who have excelled in their fields and made India proud, here is a quiz on some of those celebrated personalities! Let’s see how much do you know about it! [os-widget path="/pranav1/indian-women-who-inspire-us" of="pranav1" comments="false"]

Geography of India # Inquest

Indian Agriculture Quiz

Indian Agriculture is considered as one of the major industry in the country and employs almost half the working population! So this time, let’s see how well you know about your country’s agriculture scenario! [os-widget path="/pranav1/quiz" of="pranav1" comments="false"]  

Geography of India # Inquest

Geography of India Quiz 2

We are back with a new quiz! So how well do you think you know your country? Attempt the following quiz to find out… [os-widget path="/pranav1/quiz-2" of="pranav1" comments="false"]

Hazards # Inquest

Natural Disasters Quiz 1

How well do you know about India's natural disasters and preparation? Let's find out! Attempt our latest inquest! [os-widget path="/pranav1/quiz-16" of="pranav1" comments="false"]