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1st Indian Scientific Expedition to South Pole 2010-2011

National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) – an autonomous research and development institution under Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) – is the nodal agency coordinating and implementing the Indian Polar (Arctic, Antarctic and Southern Ocean) Programme. This year NCAOR has proudly completed the first ever Indian expedition to south pole, led by its Director, Rasik Ravindra and comprising Ajai Dhar, Ashit Swain, Javed Beg, Pradip Malhotra, Thamban Meloth, Krishnamoorthy and Surat Singh. India has also successfully launched 30 scientific expeditions to Antarctic and 4 expeditions each to Arctic and Southern Ocean till now under the stewardship of MoES and NCAOR. Apart from Maitri in Antarctic, India now has a research base – Himadri – in Arctic. A new research base, named Bharti, is coming up at the Larsemann Hill region of eastern Antarctic. Process for acquisition of a polar research vessel has already been initiated. India now has direct connectivity with Antarctic for real time data and voice transmission. NCAOR is the premier institute in the country that has the capability to raise, archive and process ice cores from polar regions.


The South Pole Team

First Row:  Shri Rasik Ravindra (Head), Dr Beg, Dr Thamban, Dr Malhotra

Second Row: Shri Krishnamoorthy, Dr Dhar, Shri Swain and Shri Singh

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