The Green Rock: A Dialogue on Coal

Coal or ‘black diamond’ as it is popularly known, is composed primarily of carbon and hydrocarbons, along with an assortment of other elements including sulphur. Coal as we are aware of is the buried and partly decomposed vegetation of the lost world, which has changed through immense period of geological time into brown or black combustible rock. In this sense, coal is a fossil fuel and the energy thus generated from it is of biological origin – bioenergy. The coal age Coal was the first...

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India’s Faulty Mining And Mineral Policy: The Loopholes

The New Mining and Mineral Exploration Policy aims at bringing transparency. However, the concerns of the mining community need to be taken into account

Resources | VOL. 9, ISSUE 89, March-April,2015

Coal Auction in India

E-auctions can ensure transparency, prevent discrimination among buyers or favouritism, and let consumers have the coal of their choice.

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Falling Oil Prices and India

Fluctuation in demand supply equilibrium and inaction of OPEC countries is affecting global oil prices though India’s under-recovery refineries are benefitting from the fall in crude oil price.

Resources | VOL. 15, ISSUE 91, July-August 2015

Kerala’s Dwindling Freshwater Resources

Water related problems are acute in many parts of Kerala during summer. The situation could worsen further as rapid urbanization, indiscriminate sand mining and salinity intrusion into groundwater reservoirs gradually transform the State’s environmental scenario for the worst.

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Decentralised sanitation

Space constraints prevent Indian cities from laying sewerage lines for new or underserved pockets. DEWATS systems can help here.

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Subsidies Can Improve Sanitation, Shows Study

A new study in Science found that subsidies may be the key policy.

Resources | VOL. 15, ISSUE 89, March-April 2015

Coal Dependency in India’s Energy Needs

Domestic coal production has been falling behind demand. Allowing private merchant miners and removing the ‘electricity’ and ‘non-electricity’ differentiation could serve to strengthen the sector.

Resources | VOL. 15, ISSUE 89, March-April 2015

Can Coal Ever Be Eco-Friendly?

Notwithstanding its polluting nature, coal remains the cheapest and most convenient fuel for meeting India’s energy needs. Since hydro power and nuclear power have safety issues, and green energy remains expensive, the answer lies in working towards cleaner coal-based technology.

Resources | VOL. 15, ISSUE 89, March-April 2015

Coal-based Economy in India: Post 2030

Abundant and cheap availability of domestic coal led India to follow a coal centric development path in the past. Given the current trends in production and consumption, India is expected to exhaust its coal reserves within the next four decades.