Planning n Mitigation | VOL. 16, ISSUE 97

Seismological research and geosciences

India has made some major advances in seismological research in the past few decades. However, gaps continue to remain, and populations remain vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis. Initiatives like microzonation, and scientific drilling may yet provide a solution to these problems.

Disaster Events

Rains, Landslides ravage Uttarakhand again

With a total of 11 reported dead and over 17 people missing - feared dead, Uttarakhand is in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. Heavy torrential rains took Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh and Chamoli district by surprise on the 1st of July, which consequently led to rising of water levels near the Nandaprayag area. In Bastadi village in Pithoragarh, dozens of residents are trapped in debris as many houses have reportedly sunk. The torrential rain also led to landslides and blockage of roads specifically...

Disaster Events # Forests | VOL. 16, ISSUE 96, May-June 2016

Forest Fires in Uttarakhand

Forest fires in Uttarakhand are a result of warped policies since British times that wrested control of the forests from local communities, who in turn, set forests on fire to extract their revenge. Corrective measures to turn these communities from foes into friends can definitely help protect the unique Himalayan ecosystem.


Major earthquake threat from the Riasi fault in the Himalayas, says new study

A new study was conducted by Y. Gavillot, A. Meigs, D. Yule, R. Heermance, T. Rittenour, C. Madugo and M. Malik on ‘Shortening rate and Holocene surface rupture on the Riasi fault system in the Kashmir Himalaya: Active thrusting within the Northwest Himalayan orogenic wedge’ which was funded by National Science Foundation. The results of the study were then published by Geological Society of America Bulletin, 2016. The study on new geologic mapping in the Himalayan Mountains of Kashmir between...


Tropical Depression Warning for Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh

New Delhi, May 20 (G’nY News Service): The cyclonic storm ‘ROANU’ over west central Bay of Bengal moved north-eastwards at a speed of 16 kmph during past six hours and lay centred at 0530 hrs IST of 20th May, 2016 near latitude 17.2º N and longitude 83.3ºE, about 60 km south-southeast of Visakhapatnam and 120 km northeast of Kakinada. The system is likely to move north-eastwards along & off Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coast and intensify into a severe cyclonic storm by tonight. Continuing...

Planning n Mitigation

Cities most prone to extreme rain and flood | Study reveals

Extreme rain and cities of the world A study at the University of New South Wales, Australia have determined that cities face harsher and more concentrated rainfall as climate change not only intensifies storms, but draws them into narrower bands of more intense downpours. The findings have major implications for existing storm water infrastructure, particularly in large cities, which face higher risks of flash flooding. The...

Disaster Events

Devastating forest fires: wider public awareness and prompt measures pivotal

New Delhi, May 10 (G’nY News Service): Forest fires are emerging as the most recurring disaster in India especially in the hilly states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh. Wider public awareness, prompt measures necessary to prevent such accidents in future. Since the first fire incident in early February 2016, the forest fire in Uttarakhand has spread to 13 districts and 1500 villages of the state destroying nearly 3,000 acres of forest land. Forest stretches in districts of Rudraprayag, Pauri,...


Heatwave death toll crosses 130: IMD warns

New Delhi, April 18 (G’nY News Service): Temperatures are running above normal in major regions of India, for several days now. Places like Delhi, Agra, Allahabad, Khajuraho, Churu and Sri Ganganagar are observing day temperatures well above the normals as per IMD data till April 17- recording temperatures above or close to the 45-degree mark. For instance, Bankura recorded a maximum of 46oC, Nizamabad 44.9°C, Delhi (Palam Observatory) 44°C, Ranchi 41.6°C, Nagpur 44.6°C, Churu 44.2°C, Jaipur...


Firecrackers kill more than Dengue–regulatory norms imperative in India

New Delhi, April 12 (G’nY News Service): Despite the fact that dengue hits the headlines many time over every season, and garners thousands of crores investment for its control, it is perhaps startling that firecrackers kill far more. The Kollam Temple tragedy on 10th April 2016, is a dark day that would not have happened if only we had some stringent policies in place. The fireworks industry in India is a cause on concern on many counts. The total deaths in India due to fireworks/crackers in the last...


Mobile apps for climate and disaster warnings

New Delhi, February 26 (G’nY News Service): Due to its physio-graphic and climatic conditions, India is one of the most disaster prone areas of the world. Almost 85 per cent of India’s area is vulnerable to one or multiple natural hazards. Of India’s 28 states and 7 union territories, 22 are disaster-prone. Almost 57 per cent of the land is vulnerable to earthquakes (high seismic zones III–V), 68 per cent to drought, 8 per cent to cyclones and 12 per cent to floods. ( Yet,...