Impact of Coastal Power Plant Cooling System on Planktonic Diversity of a polluted creek System

The demand for power-generating plants has been increasing regardless of several   appeals in energy  conservation. Factors such as urbanisation and industrialisation propel the need for energy production (Singh,  2015).  Consequently, it increases the need for cooling water at various steps during energy generation procedures. In general, water bodies, such as rivers and ocean were often used as key sources to meet the in-satiated demand for cooling water. Water  drawn  into  power ...

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Citizenship and Representative Claims: Implications for 2019

India is among the few nations that have an unbroken history of conducting fair and regular elections. While the credit of a sustained electoral politics goes to the citizens of the country, the definition of a citizen has itself remained debatable and is likely to determine the course of 2019 General Elections.

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EVM or Electronic Voting Machines: Reforming the Elections

Electronic voting machines have transformed the system of voting world over. The machines have undergone multiple changes since its inception and even today continue to evolve. In India, EVMs have ensured free and fair elections which are essential to maintain the democratic culture of the country.

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Revisiting India’s Electoral Systems

While debates around the relative advantage and disadvantage of electoral systems have usually centred on First-Past-The-Post and Proportional Representation Systems, both these need to be revisited in the context of India.

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Precise and Accurate Testing of Photovoltaic Systems: A Must for Quality Assurance

Sunlight being plentiful in India, the country has the potential to meet its energy needs through renewable sources of energy. While India has been slow in adopting solar energy, it is presently catching up.

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Blue Economy

Economic activities in the Indian Ocean Region show enormous potential for growth. However, these are likely to come with major environmental costs that are currently not under consideration.

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Developing self sufficiency in energy production

Energy consumption in India has increased greatly since the 1980s, but domestic production has remained sluggish. Renewable energy now offers a remedy to the low domestic production levels.


The Unorganised workforce of India

More than 82 percent of the workforce in India is employed in the unorganised sector, as noted by the International Labour Union in its India Labour Market Update of 2016. This report serves as the main source of data for the workforce in the unorganised sector. Further, the Industry wise distribution of employment in the unorganised sector in India can be seen in the table below by Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) report called “An Analysis of the Informal Labour Market in India”...

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Election Expenditure in India | Trends and Challenges

The last Lok Sabha election of 2014 was the most expensive election in the history of Indian democracy with a cost of Rs 3,426 crores incurred by the national exchequer. This represented an increase by 131 per cent over the expenses incurred in the 2009 Lok Sabha election; in the 2009 election, a cost of Rs 1,483 crores was incurred by the national exchequer (The Hindu, 2016). According to the Ministry of Law and Social Justice and the Election Commission of India, election expenditures in India...

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Ageing in India and Standard of Living

A country with a high standard of living and medical advancement should not bear an ageing burden. However, this might not be the case in India, with economic support for its ageing population becoming an important issue, and the absence of proper health insurance coverage and an inefficient public healthcare system creating bottlenecks in spite of considerable medical advancement. The ageing burden is particularly severe when it comes to elderly people of the low-income group who have to suffer...