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Digital economy and ecological sustainability

There is a general agreement in the academic as well as policy circles, as early as in 1998, that with the advancement of Internet, its allied technologies and wide-range of applications, there will be a change to the “various facets of our society in very fundamental ways as we move into our 21 st century” (Castells 1998). Perhaps, one of the most significant and noticeable of all the changes brought about by the Internet, could be the emergence of a digital economy. The emergence of a digital economy in the contemporary world is “evidenced by the growth of Internet-based businesses for the delivery of goods and services on a global scale” (Sui and Rejeski 2002). The aim of this article is to discern the potential ecological impacts associated with the emergence of digital economy in our contemporary society.

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Budget Focused on Fiscal Prudence

For the first Budget 2019-20 of Modi 2.0 Government, the silver lining was it’s overseas borrowings plan, reduction in fiscal deficit target and recapitalization of PSU banks. Fiscal prudence was taken well by the bond market. The equity markets however, were unimpressed on buybacks (untaxed before, being now taxable) and lack of sops for the hurting sectors.

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Will China’s slowing economy impact India?

New Delhi, January 20 (G’nY News Service): According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China on the 19th of January 2016, China’s GDP grew by 6.9 for 2015 as compared to 7.3 per cent for 2014, falling from 7 in the first quarter to 6.8per cent in the last one. The value of tertiary and secondary sectors were up by 8.3and 6.0per cent while primary sector saw only a gain of 3.9per cent. Fixed asset investment and export and imports saw a slow down at the end of 2015 while...

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G’nY’s solar story brought change in Lakshadweep

New Delhi, December 30 (G’nY News Service): The before and after of the same place, different years in the idyllic Kavaratti, the island capital of Lakshadweep. Following G’nY ‘s story in the issue titled ‘The Isles of Lakshdweep’ in November 2012, the broken down facilities were redeemed for the energy starved island in February, 2013, when the then Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah  inaugurated the 760 KWp Grid Interactive SPV Power Plant’. The plant...

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India to gain from Iran nuclear deal; crude oil prices may fall

  New Delhi, July 15 (G’nY News Service): Iran reached an agreement on its nuclear program with six other countries led by the U.S. on Tuesday. This development could undo a four decade long stand-off between Iran and the West.The agreement limits Iran’s nuclear program for a decade and puts in place a tighter procedure for inspection of Iran’s nuclear program. In return, the financial and military restrictions on Iran will be lifted. What comes as a good news is that this agreement...