National Manufacturing Policy

Despite the National Manufacturing Policy being in effect since 2011, the sector still suffers on account of insufficient jobs and low contribution to the country’s gross domestic product.


Planktonic diversity of a polluted creek system

The demand for power-generating plants has been increasing regardless of several   appeals in energy  conservation. Factors such as urbanisation and industrialisation propel the need for energy production (Singh,  2015).  Consequently, it increases the need for cooling water at various steps during energy generation procedures. In general, water bodies, such as rivers and ocean were often used as key sources to meet the in-satiated demand for cooling water. Water  drawn  into  power ...

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Copper Industry’s Challenges and India’s status

Copper is an important metal since ages and has wide uses. The copper industry has been struggling for some time now due to cheap imports and lop sided policies.


BREXIT: What Next?

Xenophobia and hatred have been the prime drivers of Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU). But there are latent dimensions to the vote, which are as yet unassesed.

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Challenges of Mining in India

India has the onerous distinction of having the highest taxation and royalty rates for the mining sector. This mars the overall competitive edge of mining firms.

Industry | VOL. 16, ISSUE 96, May-June 2016

Mining: Destruction over Development

Mining has affected the locals, especially the tribals whose lives are intrinsically linked to the ecosystem of the areas. A holistic approach is imperative to bring justice and inclusive egalitarian distribution of resources amongst all. Locals, concerned parties and the government have to work together to ensure and balance development with environment.

Industry | VOL. 16, ISSUE 96, May-June 2016

Resource Fact Sheet

India is rich in minerals and resources. However, in recent years there has been fluctuations in production of key minerals in India with steep decline in production and burdened by an ever-increasing demand. These key minerals have been showcased in this section with data from Indian Bureau of Mines, Ministry of Mines, Government of India. Import and export of coal, iron-ore, crude petroleum and natural gas have been analysed from 2004-2014.

Industry | VOL. 16, ISSUE 96, May-June 2016

Non-compliance and Sarguja Plant

Public hearing is an important step in the environmental clearance of any developmental project. For Sarguja Thermal Power Plant, attached to a coal mining block, the hearing was postponed despite community leaders pointing to non-compliance of several conditions of the environment impact assessment.