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A Crazy New Concept – Vertical Forest

Deforestation and pollution have become a serious trouble and are even more of a concern in big cities with the air quality being constantly deteriorated by the fumes from vehicles and industries. And while the pollution is increasing, the green cover required to combat is decreasing, mainly to clear space for human settlement. Hence, our cities are turning into concrete jungles with the quality of air decreasing, thus increasing the chance of a variety of diseases. To combat this a new idea has been...

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In India, Governments do not register property

G'nY Online: In whatever walk of life we may be, registration and stamp duty is the part and parcel of most activities. We accept it unquestioningly. Yet, there has been a serious amount of research to put it in place. An indeed interesting evening with Vinod Agrawal, IAS and the Principal Secretary in the looking after Registration & Stamps in the Department of Revenue in Telangana revealed a mine of information. He surprised us with his immense knowledge in the field of crucial legalities...

Real Estate | VOL. 14, ISSUE 82, January-February 2016

Green rating system for schools

The GRIHA-Prakriti green rating system was launched in a joint collaboration of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Association for Development and Research of Sustainable Habitats (ADaRSH) for schools in India. It is a learning cum rating process and aims to create a more sustainable education system by imparting environmentally ethical values among students and faculty. [caption id="attachment_1559" align="aligncenter" width="1193"] Table: GRIHA- Prakriti school rating system[/caption] The...

Real Estate | VOL. 14, ISSUE 82, January-February 2014

Greening urban India through its buildings

The need to adopt a green way of life is reflected in the increasing demand for ‘green’ buildings. It remains to be seen whether voluntary submissions would suffice in the effort to achieve holistic conservation of resources.

Real Estate | VOL. 12, ISSUE 72, May-June 2012

A Green Home

Modern lifestyles have introduced machines that assist easy living, albeit at a cost. It is perhaps time to seek environment friendly solutions that can help sustain the ecological balance rather than disrupt it.