Renewable Energy | VOL. 10, ISSUE 61, July-August 2010

Renewable News India

RE from Germany India, one of the biggest markets for alternative energy technologies, is looking towards Germany for technological assistance and knowledge transfer in the field of renewable energy, especially for rural electrification and grid integration. German companies, which have the largest solar market worldwide, are keen to enter India with their solar thermal, photovoltaic cell and concentrated solar power products as well as facilitate transfer of technology through workshops and training...

Renewable Energy | VOL. 10, ISSUE 59, March-April 2010

Sustainable Development: The Powergrid Approach

Powergrid in its environment and social policy states its commitment to the goal of sustainable development and conservation of nature and natural resources. It promises to continually improve its management systems and access specialist knowledge in internationally proven technologies. Powergrid follows the basic principles of avoidance, minimisation and mitigation and where necessary, it also undertakes restoration and enhancement.

Renewable Energy | VOL. 10, ISSUE 58, January-February 2010

Ocean Energy: Gas Hydrates

The Ministry of Earth Sciences established National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) to serve as its technical arm for taking up technology development and demonstration projects in major areas of ocean energy, a reliable and commercially viable multi-functional system for the extraction of energy from sea water. Gas hydrate exploration amounts to one of its prominent achievements.

Renewable Energy | VOL. 10, ISSUE 58, January-February 2010

Ocean Energy Sources

The oceans and the land beneath them could provide all the energy the world needs for years to come. As new technologies are being developed ocean resources are shaping up to meet our increasing energy needs.

Renewable Energy | VOL. 9, ISSUE 57, November-December 2009

Biomass and Sustainable Rural Development

Globally, India ranks fourth in the production of power through biomass as it has a large biomass resource base. Rural regions of the country have been traditionally heavily dependent on biomass fuels and today, it is widely reiterated that the potential for village development lies in the efficient exploitation of this resource.

Renewable Energy | VOL. 9, ISSUE 57, November-December 2009

Energy versus Climate Change

Reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases, while increasing economic wealth is only achievable with an intelligent mix of all available energy sources.

Environment # Renewable Energy | VOL. 8, ISSUE 47, March-April 2008

Suffering Sundarban

In an ecological zone that is prone to climate change disasters, protection and conservation should be encouraged - rather Sundarban has turned into a renewable hotbed where every conceivable renewable energy experiments are undertaken at the risk of destroying more of whatever little is left.