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“Synergy and calibrated bodies are lacking in our system” says Dr SK Tyagi, Former Add’l Director, CPCB

With alarming pollution and environment issues intervening in our livelihoods, ‘Confer Global Private Limited’ through its’ Pollution Control and Emissions Monitoring World Conference’ envisioned to discuss this distressing issue. The two-day conference commenced on April 18, 2018, and included multiple hard-hitting facts and innovative approaches to the shadow of pollution. Discussing specifically the Ambient Air Quality and its monitoring in metro cities, the conference commenced with...

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Conference & Exhibition on Pollution Control & Emissions Monitoring World

The Pollution Control & Emissions Monitoring World Conference & Exhibition is scheduled on 18 – 19 April 2018 at The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi to network with top Industry Decision Makers, Policy Makers, Regulators, and Global Thought Leaders. Participants will have the chance to meet, greet, and learn from renowned speakers from Ministry of Earth Sciences, Tata Power, KPMG, UNESCO, Tata Steel, YES Bank, World Resources Institute, and other top decision-makers from diverse industries. The...

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Pollution Control & Emissions Monitoring World Conference & Exhibition

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NRDMS Aims Push for the Start-Up Ecosystem in India

GIS or Geographic Information Systems and other forms of spatial data management and application are increasingly becoming a core component of the information technology (IT) infrastructure of India. This is a time when we are seeing a huge number of businesses integrating GIS technology in their business processes globally, representing a business opportunity for global businesses to the tune of up to $100 billion. However, at such a juncture India must talk about whether it is not just GIS enabled,...

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Marginalization Focus of Conference on Urban Spaces and Gender

With the goal of exploring gender, marginalization and equity in urban spaces in the Asia-Pacific, an international conference on Urban Spaces and Gender was convened on November 1st, 2017. The conference on urban spaces and gender includes the representation of more than 15 fields with the aim of building a body of knowledge on gender as impacted by urban processes. With an umbrella agenda of addressing the issues of marginalization and inequity in urban spaces, the focus areas would include...

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Science & Geopolitics of Arctic-Antarctic-Himalaya

International Conference on Science & Geopolitics of Arctic-Antarctic-Himalaya (SaGAA III 2015) Context Changes in the Arctic, Antarctica and Himalayas are challenging our understanding of their consequences and our ability to provide knowledge for decision-makers. There needs to be a greater sense of urgency among decision-makers and awareness by the public regarding the global importance of changes taking place in the polar realms. The countries undertaking research...

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Revoluzione’14: The Ultimate Celebration

Revoluzione’14: The Ultimate Celebration Situated in NTPC (Badarpur) campus, National Power Training Institute (NPTI) hosts an annual gala attended by many renowned dignitaries and college students from all around the country. This 3-day long celebration consists of a medley of various art forms including music, dance, debate, dramatics and many more. Among the few top institutes of Delhi, NPTI through Revoluzione, provides an opportunity for students from several respected colleges to showcase...