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Poshan Abhiyaan for a Malnutrition Free India

To achieve malnutrition-free status, India’s development agenda needs to tackle its ‘double burden’ of malnutrition, under-nutrition and obesity at the same time. It is in this context that the POSHAN Abhiyaan provides an opportunity to counter malnutrition and usher in a new era in food and nutrition security.


CSIR and CEERI Develops A New Technology to Detect Milk Adulteration

A new technology to analyse and detect milk adulteration has been developed by CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CEERI), Pilani. This technology is based on acquiring electrochemical fingerprint coupled with multivariate data analysis techniques. There are no systems currently available even globally, based on similar methods. This innovation represents the first fully Indian ‘concept to implementation’ effort in instrumentation related to milk and dairy,...

Foods # Magazine Articles | VOL. 15, ISSUE 94, January-February 2016

Food Resources and Smart Cities

In view of urbanisation in India being accompanied with lifestyle changes that frown on ordinary, nutritious food habits in favour of empty calories, a UNEP funded project seeks to bring in greater awareness on healthy eating and individual carbon footprint for sustainable food production and consumption.


Food Politics Victimize Malnourished Children in India

New Delhi, July 22 (G’nY News Service): The government’s midday meal scheme, which provides five meals a week to malnourished children in rural areas, is now embroiled in a new controversy. The Madhya Pradesh government has just dismissed a suggestion to include eggs a part of its mid day meal scheme. Instead the government has suggested milk and bananas as a replacement. This comes as a shocker as almost half of the children in the state of Madhya Pradesh are either malnourished or underweight....


Conditioned to overlook – Food safety standards India

New Delhi, July 17 (G’nY News Service): The recent Maggie fiasco was without a doubt the most significant packaged foods scare in the last decade. It has yet again brought to light the issue of food safety in India, an area we Indians are habituated to overlook. Let’s take a look at some of popular brands that came under the scanner in the recent past. Pespi and Coca Cola In 2006, Pepsi and Coca Cola, the two major cola giants found themselves in the eye of a brewing pesticide storm....

Foods | VOL. 8, ISSUE 48, May-June 2008

Geography of Food

India expressed concern at the increasing use of food grains for production of bio fuels at the Third International Grain Summit-2008