Galathea National Park

The Galathea National Park comprises the core area of the southern part of the Biosphere Reserve in Great Nicobar Island and consists of lowland forests which have the greatest abundance of endemic avifauna. It is the prime nesting habitat of the Nicobar Megapode and possibly the area of other endemic species too. [caption id="attachment_14657" align="alignright" width="414"] fig: Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve[/caption] Basic information: Area of the National Park – 110  Sq....


Wild Monsoon Destination: Chinnar

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala forms a seamless whole with four other forest reserves. It also offers a wide range of habitats owing to ranges in altitude and rainfall and is home to ancient archaeological sites and a wide variety of plant and animal species. The 90.442 sq km Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the eastern part of the high ranges of the Southern Western Ghats of Kerala. It is considered as one of the unique protected areas of the Western Ghats due to its ecological,...

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Tales of two Cities: Heritage Water Management Systems

Today on 22nd March 2017 ‘World Water Day’, we will look at the tale of two cities, Delhi and Bengaluru and their unique heritage water management systems.

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Living Root Bridge Found In Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

Today on the ‘World Forest Day; Forest and Energy’, it is worthwhile to revisit our centuries-old technique of unique Living root bridge found in Meghalaya

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World Sparrow Day – When will Sparrows be back in Urban Spaces?

World Sparrow Day is celebrated around the world every year on March 20 to create awareness regarding the decline in the number of sparrows from our cities.

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Celebrating Holi 2017 in Firangi style

Holi 2017 celebrations are already underway in many parts of India. Are there similar festivals anywhere else in the world? Let’s find out

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Surveying India’s Gangetic Dolphins & Other Aquatic Life

Government of India has started an extensive survey under Wildlife Institute of India (WII) to help find the number of Gangetic Dolphins in the Ganga River

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Women’s day special – 8 passionate women environmentalists

Ranked alphabetically, here is a list of eight notable women from India and the world who have consistently worked for the betterment of our planet. Celebrating this women’s day we thank these strong women for their spirit and perseverance, and hope that many young readers find these accounts aspirational and inspiring.

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Everything you need to know about India’s heritage toy trains

The heritage toy trains require more attention from the government to continue running successfully with fares that are affordable for locals as well as for tourists.

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Six ancient ancient transport modes that India still uses

Since ancient times people have been traveling using various transport methods, this post talks about some of those transport methods that are still in use