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Laveesh Bhandari | India needs to get back to work

Laveesh Bhandari is a data scientist, an empirical economist, environment evangelist and columnist. He is currently the Director of Indicus Foundation and leads its Environment and Sustainable Livelihoods initiative. Here, Bhandari talks to G’nY about the immediate and consequential impact of the Covid-19 lockdown in India, free local markets and a new global order.


Nandini Sundar | Tribes: Forgotten Again

G’nY. How do you see the Indian tribes in terms of their essential characteristics and what do you think are the key issues confronting the Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities? The figures are important. The term ST envelops a broad range with 781 communities listed under the Article 342, covering 8.6 per cent of the population, at 104.3 million as per the Census of 2011. These comprise the populous Bhil, Gond, Oraon, Mina, Munda and many others including 75 small communities described as a ‘particularly...


G V V Sarma | Multi Hazard Disaster Risk Assessment

GVV Sarma, Member Secretary, National Disaster Management Authority, talks to G’nY about building multi-disaster resilient infrastructure through comprehensive and integrated guidelines by involving entire geographic and socio-economic ecosystems.


Peter Kiernan| Thoughts on Global Emissions Data

Peter Kiernan, Lead Analyst, Energy, The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU) talks to G’nY about the current state of global climate change efforts. The newly released global emissions data for 2019 by the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) shows almost an unchanged emission rate when compared to 2018. Although, it is encouraging that the annual rate of growth in global emissions appears to be slowing down, however environmentalists were hoping for a falling emissions scenario. It is worth noting that the emissions flattened out despite the global GDP growing by nearly 3 per cent. But this progress needs to accelerate if the long term goals are to be met. Peter shares his views in the backdrop of the 2019 global emissions data:


P C Mohanan | Migration will have a Bearing on Citizenship

PC Mohanan, former Chairperson of the National Statistics Commission, discusses the relevance of recording migration through different data sources and offers solutions for creating better documentation practices.


Nafees Meah I Working towards healthy diets

G’nY talks with Nafees Meah, Regional Representative, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) to solicit his views on issues pertaining to India’s food production, the impact of climate change and possible policy interventions.


Mathew Cherian I Envisioning a Kinder World

Mathew Cherian, Chief Executive Officer, HelpAge India, speaking with Ratish Jha, discusses key challenges faced by India’s elderly population and the role of society in redressing them.


K J Ramesh I Bettering Monsoon Predictions

K J Ramesh, the Director General of the India Meteorological Department, Government of India.


M N Rajeevan I Collaboration is the essence of science increasing the opportunity to work extensively

In conversation with M N Rajeevan, a leading atmospheric scientist and Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Government of India.