IIOE-2 to uncover the secrets of the Indian Ocean

Satheesh C Shenoi, Director, Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) and Chair, Expert Group, IIOE-2 speaks with the Editor about the exploratory work undertaken under the International Indian Ocean Expedition-2.


Plastic waste utilisation: Mindsets need to change

The ‘Plastic Man of India’, Padma Shri Rajagopalan Vasudevan, former Professor of Chemistry at Thiagrajar College of Engineering, is revered for his innovation of using waste plastic in road construction. Speaking with G’nY he outlines the pivotal role humans play in preserving nature.

Geomorphology # Magazine Articles

Meghalayan Age: A new Geological Age within Holocene

The newly incorporated Meghalayan age in the Geological Time Scale replaces what the scientists called the late Holocene and succeeds the Northgrippian age. The new age began roughly 4,200 years ago during a severe drought period, which is what probably wiped out many civilisations flourishing during the time.


Muslim fertility rate has shown the sharpest decline in recent years

In conversation with the affable Dr Amitabh Kundu, renowned economist and currently a distinguished fellow at Research and Information System for Developing Countries, New Delhi, G’nY brings forth significant issues prevailing among different socio-cultural groups in the country.


The answer to our water crises lies in the democratisation of water resources

Mihir Shah, economist, water policy expert and member of the erstwhile Planning Commission speaks with G’nY on the need to facilitate community ownership of water and what India needs to do to ensure water security.


We must give up what we cannot reuse

G’nY. The theme for this WED is ‘beat plastic pollution’. Although pertinent for countries like India, what is the core area of focus, littering or recycling?  Eric Solheim : The scourge of plastic pollution is a problem for every country in the world. Recently we found a plastic bag in the deepest depths of the ocean, in the Mariana Trench. We have found plastic in animals, in the water we drink and of course on land. In Bandung province in Indonesia, an army chief referred to plastic...


Feminism is finely entwined with human values

Kamla Bhasin has been working for women rights for over four decades now. Speaking with G’nY, she discusses empowerment and the way forward that can help us acquire better human values.


Primacy of women should be considered for their economic contributions

Ravi Verma leads the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) on issues of HIV/AIDS, preventing domestic violence and child marriage. Speaking with G’nY, he talks about the need for gender equality.


Village Nang finds prosperity

G’nY. After the breakthrough innovation of the ‘artificial glacier’, can you say that it has substantively changed the lives of the people in the region? Chewang Norphel: To assert how artificial glacier changed the lives of people qualitatively and quantitatively, I would like to cite an example of a village Nang in the east Leh town. This is a village with 70 families where people are mostly farmers. They depended on a meagre produce of wheat and barley. Since the creation of an artificial...


Students should read political ideologies and then debate

The affable Professor N V Varghese, Vice Chancellor at National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), speaks with G’nY about how higher education shapes the nature of discourse and bolsters forward linkages.