Disaster Education # Magazine Articles

Breaking the Notion of Disaster Phases

Disaster phases are not linear. They may overlap and even occur simultaneously. The complexities in disaster phases are attributed to the social, cultural, economic, political forces influencing the web of flow— and disaster risk management needs to consider moving beyond conventional notions of phases.

Disaster # Magazine Articles

Kerala Floods: A Riverine Perspective

River management in India must be made a priority and strict laws should be enforced to preserve the river space. The floods in Kerala serve as a reminder that serious measures must be taken by the government to combat these natural phenomena.

Disaster Education # Magazine Articles


The definition of disaster has been continuously changing due to the vulnerabilities and risks attached to it. However, despite being defined as natural, disasters tend to have political, cultural, economic and social impacts as well.

Magazine Articles # Science

Indian Standard Time

Indian Standard Time is the primary reference on which the country runs. However, keeping time is not the simplest of jobs. CSIR-NPL ensures that this time becomes accessible to all and everything runs proverbially, like clockwork.

Magazine Articles # Renewable Energy

Precise and Accurate Testing of Photovoltaic Systems: A Must for Quality Assurance

Sunlight being plentiful in India, the country has the potential to meet its energy needs through renewable sources of energy. While India has been slow in adopting solar energy, it is presently catching up.

Magazine Articles # Science

Indian Certified Reference Materials: Indispensable for the Quality Assurance of Products and Processes

One of the most successful methods for assuring accuracy of measurement in different laboratories and tracing the same to the national standards is through the use of certified reference materials. CSIR-NPL has developed Indian Certified Reference Materials—trademarked Bhartiya Nirdeshak Drvayas (BNDs).

Fisheries # Magazine Articles

Deep-Sea Fishery Resources of the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)

Deep-sea exploratory surveys have added several new species to the biodiversity of the Indian icthyofauna. These surveys have also identified new fishing grounds besides quantifying the resource potential of previously unexploited fishes such as the myctophids and oceanic squids.

Economy # Magazine Articles

Blue Economy

Economic activities in the Indian Ocean Region show enormous potential for growth. However, these are likely to come with major environmental costs that are currently not under consideration.

Magazine Articles # Pollution

Plastic Pollution in Oceans

The growing menace of pollution, especially plastic is threatening many fragile ecosystems—be it the natural flow of rivers, surface drainage or marine life. The article explores the problem and the consequential damage arising out of dumping about 5 to 13 million tonnes of plastic into the ocean each year.

Magazine Articles # Oceans

Phytoplankton Blooms in the Southern Ocean: Through Satellite Observations

Phytoplankton constitute the primary link in the food web of marine life and are a provider of oxygen. Satellite observations using remote sensing data has proved useful in identifying pockets of phytoplankton bloom, especially in the Southern Ocean.