Trans-South Asian Diaspora Philanthropy: A Driver for GCM?

The author argues for the deployment of humanitarian philanthropy which a trans-South Asian can exhibit to support sustainable development in the countries of their origin particularly to achieve the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) objective through contributions in the fields of education and health.


Climate Instability and Labour Migration in India

Climate-induced migration has put new emerging challenges for labour administration. Pre-existing regional inequalities, prevailing poverty levels, scattered and partial nature of existing labour laws, etc. alert us about further worsening of the vulnerable conditions of climate migrants.


Migrant Workers in Globalising India

Contrary to the widely held anticipation that post-reforms economics would give rise to significantly higher levels of migration within India, the initial post-reforms period did not witness a massive increase in the extent of migration. The 2001-2011 decade however, sees a substantial increase.

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India’s AI Applications in Healthcare

AI comes with a promise of overcoming a majority of healthcare barriers that beleaguer India. This feature explores few AI applications that are currently in use in India and outlines challenges that need to be overcome in the coming decade.

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Migration Paradox: Misrepresentation of Duration in Census Data

The percentage of migrant population in India has gone up from 30.1 per cent in 2001 to 37.64 per cent in 2011 as per the recently released data from Population Census (Fig. 1). The growth rate of migrants has jumped from 35 per cent during 1991-01 to 45 percent during 2001-11.The rise is noted both for men and women; in rural as well as urban areas. A rise is seen also in the number of migrants moving across the states, which has grown by 30 per cent compared to the population growth of less than...


Free Online Courses on Climate and Education

Students from around the world have increasingly started opting for online education. We bring to you a collection of courses from top universities to help you open new avenues to learning. INTRODUCTION TO THE ARCTIC: CLIMATE Presented by: The University of Alberta Total Duration: 4 weeks Total Cost: Free online course with USD 30 certification fee Certification: Available The University of Alberta, the University of the Arctic and University of Tromso have created a four-week...


Free Online Courses on Population

Online courses are an easy way to assure meaningful learning- only if you know what to learn and where from. We thus bring you a unique collection, designed by universities around the world to help you learn unconventionally. Rethinking Ageing: Are we prepared to live longer? Presented by:  The University of Melbourne Total Duration: 5 weeks Total Cost: Free course USD 30 certification fee Certification: Available Nearly every country around the globe is witnessing a rapid ageing...

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Free Online Courses On Water Conservation and Management

Free online courses have helped disseminate specialised knowledge and enabled learners gain access to information at a scale previously unheard of. We present to you a few courses in the area of Water Conservation and Management to help you gain new avenues to learning. Introduction to Water and Climate Presented by:  Delft University of Technology Total Duration: 7 weeks Total Cost: Free course with USD 50 certification fee Certification: Available Latest engineering interventions...

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Free Online Courses on Women’s Rights, Development and more

Free online courses are a resource unlike any other, which can help you gain access to knowledge in highly specialised areas. We present to you a few courses on gender, women’s rights and development, to help you gain new insights. Course 1 Name of the course: Confronting Gender Based Violence: Global Lessons for Healthcare Workers Presented by: Johns Hopkins University Course duration: 4 weeks Course cost: USD 29 Course description: This course introduces key concepts of Gender-based...

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Smart Cities: An Alternative Perspective

The Smart City Mission, despite the support from various ministries is lacking in several goals including pro-poor approach in addressing several issues including access to basic amenities.