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India’s AI Applications in Healthcare

AI comes with a promise of overcoming a majority of healthcare barriers that beleaguer India. This feature explores few AI applications that are currently in use in India and outlines challenges that need to be overcome in the coming decade.

Health # Magazine Articles

Mental Health in India

Mental health issues remain unreported over most of India. According to the 2017 World Health Organisation (WHO) Report, major or minor mental illnesses requiring expert intervention is 7.5 per cent of India’s population. Also, estimates show that of roughly 60 million people with mental illnesses, about 90 per cent are currently not receiving treatment in India.

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In March 2018, the Supreme Court of India in a landmark judgement passed an order legitimising passive euthanasia in India. However, if passive euthanasia through a ‘living will’ is legalised, the courts must engage medical practitioners to also look at providing terminal patients a painless way of passing on.

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The Health Risks of Air Pollution

Rising levels of air pollution are posing a health hazard to people worldwide. In 2016, exposure to ambient PM2.5 caused 1.025 million deaths in India. While a number of policies to combat air pollution exists, improper implementation leaves us gasping for the most basic of human needs—air.

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Where are our Doctors

The Indian Health sector currently suffers from a skewed doctor to patient ratio. India must look beyond recruitment, focus on retention of public sector doctors and use methods of social science and management for enhanced delivery of public health services.

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Healthcare Insurance in India: A Few Concerns

The Union Government’s budget speech of 2018-19 announced two major initiatives, the National Health Protection Scheme and the establishment of Health and Wellness Centres. Central and state governments have always put health at the forefront of planning, but public health expenditure as a percentage of GDP has remained low. Low expenditure, skewed distribution of coverage across states, lack of facilities in government hospitals among other problems prevail in the public health sector.

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Access to Healthcare in India

Accessible and affordable healthcare in the public sector can reduce India’s growing dependence on private institutions. However, at present lopsided and poorly manned governmental facilities leave no alternatives apart from accessing private institutions and incurring a high ‘out-of-pocket’ expenditure in health care.


Diabetic Retinopathy: an emerging eye disease in India

Diabetic Retinopathy: an emerging eye disease in India An awareness about diabetes management and expansion of the eye health care services at the grass roots level for reducing the burden of avoidable blindness is essential for India in the coming years. The eyes are the most beautiful organs in our body. The health of the human eye is as essential as any other body organ but concerns for the health of our eyes are often neglected. Even in frameworks for communicable and non-communicable diseases,...

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Health Policy and the Improving Health Indices of India

Health policy of India aims at integrated approach, to provide accessible, affordable & equitable quality health care to marginalised & vulnerable sections.

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Life-saving coronary stents have been made affordable

Breaking a nexus that exists within the health sector, the central government has finally made life saving coronary stents accessible and affordable in India. On January 14, The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)has notified a ceiling price for Drug Eluting Stents (DES) at Rs. 29,600 and for Bare Metal Stents (BMS) at Rs. 7,260 under the provisions of paragraph 19 of the Drugs Prices Control Order, 2013.. The prices were made affective from February 14. Family members of the heart...