Urbanization | VOL. 12, ISSUE 73, July-August 2012

Risks and Challenges of Sustainable Waste Management

The last century has witnessed extraordinary scientific achievements, expansion and proliferation of industries and factories, improvement in hygiene and medicine, population growth accompanied with conspicuous consumption and concentrated human habitation in metropolis and mega cities. It is simply no longer possible to avoid solid, liquid or gaseous waste - disposing of which is increasingly burdensome. Government authorities have acknowledged the importance of management of municipal solid as well...

Urbanization | VOL. 12, ISSUE 74, September-October 2012

India’s Urbanisation: Highlights 2011 Census

In general parlance, the process of becoming urban refers to the concentration of a territory’s population in towns and cities and involves the growth of urban population in respect to total population. The paper offers glimpses of the new findings offered by the Census 2011 and highlights some of the significant changes that India is undergoing.

Urbanization | VOL. 12, ISSUE 73, July-August 2012

Wastewater Management in Urban India

The growing urban population and the developmental activities in rural India, both exert pressure on water supply and sewage systems. The existing infrastructure is incapable of meeting the ever-increasing demands for domestic as well as industrial water. The author argues that a judicial use of appropriate technologies is the answer to overcome the problems.

Urbanization | VOL. 12, ISSUE 73, July-August 2012

Regional Approach to Municipal Solid Waste Management

Increasing urbanisation and changing lifestyles are generating an enormous quantum of waste that small or even big cities cannot manage independently. To meet the challenge, a regionally organised management of solid waste has been under consideration in our nation. Economy of scale along with pulled professional, technical and human expertise makes such an option viable.

Urbanization | VOL. 12, ISSUE 72, May-June 2012

Urban sustainability and a changing climate

Environmental refugees, driven by drought, deforestation, desertification and similar other environmental problems, result in permanent or semi-permanent immigrants to urban centres. With the numbers rising by 150 million in the next four decades urban centres would need an urgent and effective resource distribution mechanism to achieve sustainability

Urbanization | VOL. 11, ISSUE 65, March-April 2011

The State of our Cities achieving environmental, social and economic goals

The problems in cities seem to be getting worse faster than improvements from planning strategies. Sustainability for cities means reducing the ecological footprint whilst simultaneously improving the quality of life.