Polar Regions from the Sky

Remote sensing is a space-based satellite technique preferred for its repetitive coverage of inaccessible and rugged terrain for surface characterisation. This paper showcases climate change in the vulnerable polar realms by adapting different algorithms to the satellite technology to infer surface signatures.


Minimising Shipborne Emissions Along the Indian Coast

The 7,500 kms long Indian coastline is dotted with many major and minor ports. The temporal increase in the volume of cargo is also indicative of the rising emissions by ships which NIOT is trying to minimise using innovative strategies.

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Extended Range Forecast

Predicting wet or dry spells on a large scale, three to four weeks prior to its onset, is essential for agriculture and hydrology. Improved understanding of ocean and atmospheric interactions and innovation in forecast models in recent years have led to better predictions.

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AI Research in India

Research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India started in the 1960s. Since then, the scene has changed dramatically as far as AI and machine learning are concerned. The article outlines six recommendations for nurturing AI research ecosystem to develop national level capabilities in India.


The Landscape of AI

The popular discourse on future of artificial intelligence oscillates between extreme tales of job loss and human-robot wars on the one hand and exceptional impact on all walks of life on the other. In this article we discuss these and related questions regarding the importance of AI in modern life.


Recent Developments in Shore Protection for India’s Coasts

The Indian coastline spreads over 7,500 km and is endowed with a wide variety of ecosystems, rich habitats and biodiversity. The coastal environment plays a vital role in the nation’s economy by virtue of its resources. These areas, however, are also facing complex issues due to increasing human population, urbanisation and accelerated developmental activities. Of the several threats faced by India’s coast, concern related to coastal erosion reigns high. The coast comprises multifaceted processes...

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Quarter Century of Ocean Technology

In the last 25 years, the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) has progressed from developing technology for shallow waters to deep waters. Coastal communities too have been provided access to desalinised potable water and have benefited from the tsunami warning system.

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AI the Future Enabler for Mining

From exploring potential areas of high volume mineral reserves to deploying autonomous vehicles for extracting them, AI shows great promise in revolutionising mining in the near future. This feature discusses illustrative applications of technologies developed in the broad area of AI in the industry.

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Geospatial Technology for Monitoring Natural Resources

Natural resources are depleting rapidly impacting development. The availability of time series Earth observation data assists the investigation of spatial patterns of different natural resources and the changes therein.

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Solar Irradiance & Disasters

Global changes due to the influence of extraterrestrial phenomena can be studied by using various satellite based information. An attempt is made in this article to understand the influence of such changes as a cumulative factor to predict some of the natural disasters which would make disaster management more effective.