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ISRO Satellite Launch Failure After Thirty Nine Successful Ones

Reasons for launch failure ISRO’s satellite IRNSS-1H’s launch on August 31, 2017 was declared unsuccessful. A S Kiran Kumar, Chairman, ISRO is reported to have said that the cause can be attributed to a failure of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle’s (PSLV’s) protective heat shield in separating and dropping off at the scheduled juncture. A heat shield is part of the PSLV whose function is to protect against the extreme friction generated heat with the Earth’s atmosphere during its lift-off....

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The Privacy Debate | Peculiarities of Culture and Individual Autonomy

The question of privacy arises most notably with the Aristotelian distinction between the public sphere of governance and its separation from the private sphere of individuals concerning domestic life and family. Other than in philosophical discussions, the concept has a wide range of interpretation in many cultures. Some interpretations might seem quite obscure and deal with moral relativism, as in how personal possessions might form different sorts of consensus depending on the degree and nature...

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Khichri Apps | ISRO made solar calculator clueless about MNRE SPIN

The solar rooftop backdrop and relevance of solar calculator India is looking towards a robust solar energy programme that will bolster the energy security of the nation. From a mere 57260 MW at present, India wants to increase its renewable energy capacity to 1,75,000 MW in 5 years’ time. A steep unrealistic target, as has been critiqued by many, considering the progress of the renewable energy programmes in India that span nearly three decades. The most poorly performing sector in India’s...

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Putting in Place a Robust Tech Driven Forest Fire Monitoring for India

Forest fire is one of the threats to forest ecosystems and has adverse effects on ecology, climate, environment, human health and the economy. Recurrent forest fires increase the surface run-off, reduces the forest cover due to death of fire intolerant tree species, destroys animal habitats, and causes prolonged effects on human health such as respiratory and cardiovascular problems and even leads to invasions of invasive species (Hussin, Matakala, and Zagdaa, 2008). Furthermore, forest fires...

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Mobile App for Soil Health Card for Farmers linked through the Satellite

Innovations in agricultural technologies and management have led to rapid agricultural development in many pockets of India. But this development, especially at the soil health level, has led to deficiencies especially in micro-nutrients that has affected the farm output. Soil Health Management (SHM) involves balanced nutrition levels in soil that are required for sustainable agricultural development, and through this, farmers learn about the status of soil health or soil nutrients in their fields. https://www.geographyandyou.com/media/coverage/soil-health-card/ To...

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The Kepler Telescope and the earth like planets

Launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 2009, the Kepler telescope, named after the astronomer Johannes Kepler, is a telescope aboard a space observatory in a heliocentric orbit trailing Earth. With a much higher field of vision than the Hubble telescope, the telescope is designed to survey a portion of the Milky Way with the specific objective of determining the properties of planets beyond the Solar System. The Kepler telescope utilizes a photometer as its sole...

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Why data analytics should be part of the scientific domain

The application of data analytics in big data in India would lead to sharing of scientific information and progress by connecting knowledge centres all across the nation.

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Concept Counter: Grasping big data the easiest possible way

Big data is huge, unwieldy data that is made easy to manage by the use of an algorithm. It is useful in providing multi–layered information that till now was hidden from the human eye.

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Private Indian Spacecraft to host 3 Indian Teams in Moon Mission

In a first of its kind, Bengaluru based space technology start-up TeamIndus is all garnered for its first private moon mission, scheduled in December.

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The five basics of GIS Components

As an Earth -Scientist, basic components of Geographical Information System (GIS) you must know. Components - Hardware, Software, Data, Methods and People.