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Local Level Weather Forecasts

With the development of a 12 km probabilistic weather forecasting model, an unprecedented improvement in forecasting systems has been made by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune. It is now possible to provide sufficient lead time for exogenous weather at district or sub-district level.

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Normal Rainfall Predicted for Southwest Monsoon 2018

India Meteorological Department (IMD) is issuing the forecast for the southwest monsoon seasonal rainfall (June to September) for the country as a whole in two stages. The first stage forecast is issued in April and the second stage forecast is issued in June. IMD is using state-of-the-art Statistical Ensemble Forecasting system (SEFS) which is critically reviewed and improved regularly through in-house research activities. Since 2012, IMD is also using the dynamical global climate forecasting system...

Magazine Articles # Weather n Climate

Warming Temperatures and Arctic’s Dwindling Sea Ice

The Arctic amplification—as it has been termed, is resulting in a perceptible shift of this region to a new environment which is warmer, wetter and more variable than ever before.

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World Ozone Day Marks the thirtieth anniversary of Montreal Protocol

September 16 is celebrated as World Ozone Day every year . World Ozone day 2017 is special as it marks the 30th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol. The UN’s Ozone Secretariat launched into a communication campaign ahead of World Ozone Day 2017. #OzoneHeroes was launched on September 14th in a bid to create awareness of the major achievements of the Montreal Protocol in its efforts to preserve the ozone layer and protect the world’s climate. The UN’s Ozone Secretariat aims to highlight...

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Top Ten Hottest Destinations in India

In selecting the hottest destinations in India we must keep in mind that India has a largely tropical climate, and feeds somewhat into the warm winds travelling from the equatorial regions and has arid regions in addition to tropical regions. The warm winds from the equatorial regions are due to the Hadley Cell of air circulation that travels until 30 degrees latitude north, keeping these latitudinal regions relatively warm. However, nearby 30 degrees latitude, where India lies, the air tends...

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Is Hurricane Harvey a Case of Climate Change

With rainfall still continuing over southeastern Texas, USA, The Guardian reports that flooding due to tropical storm Harvey has claimed at least 35 lives by August 31, 2017. In an unfortunate development, two explosions have taken place at a chemical plant in Crosby, Texas that suffered a power shortage due to the flooding caused by Harvey. The plant run by Arkema manufactures organic peroxides used in the production of plastic and paint products, which can be extremely combustible.  With floodwaters...

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Mitigating Cloudbursts Need Better Forecasting and Disaster Preparedness

Cloudbursts in recent times On July 19, 2017, a cloudburst in the Chenab Valley region of Doda district in Jammu and Kashmir led to 8 deaths and 11 people injured (The Hindu, 2017). Many of the casualties occurred due to running debris and silt that flowed through in the Chenab Valley as a result of the night-time cloudburst between July 19 to the 20. Flash floods hit Thathri town at 2 in the morning. The deaths mostly occurred as most people were asleep during the cloudburst. The Batote-Kishtwar...

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Total Healing of the Ozone Layer all Over the World Expected Soon

The ozone layer is a belt of naturally occurring ozone gas in the stratosphere. It absorbs the harmful ultraviolet radiations emitted from the sun before it reaches the Earth’s atmosphere. Ozone depleting substances (ODS) like CFCs and other organic substances that are used in appliances are responsible for the depletion and thinning of ozone layer. The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty signed to protect the ozone layer where the parties agreed to phase out production of ODSs. It has proved...

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Volutus & Eleven New Clouds in the International Cloud Atlas

On World Metrological Day, March 23, the International Cloud Atlas declared the discovery of new cloud specie and 11 new cloud types, enriching the cloud atlas and the learning of cloud enthusiasts.

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Tropical Cyclone – a violently rotating wind system

A tropical cyclone ‘Enawo’ struck Madagascar last week and claimed over 38 lives. So what are these vortexes and how do they damage so much? Let us find out.