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What Divides Catchments Between Peninsular Rivers in India

In terms of geological divisions, peninsular rivers of India are generally distributed over of the Chotanagpur region, the Maharashtra region, the Chhattisgarh region, the Odisha Highland region, Dandakaranya, the Karnataka Plateau, the Andhra Plateau, the Tamil nadu Uplands and South Sahyadri, the West Coast region, and the East Coastal Plains. The numerous rivers of peninsular India that flow through peninsular India have certain areas that form the catchment of these rivers. Catchment areas...

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Top Ten Hottest Destinations in India

In selecting the hottest destinations in India we must keep in mind that India has a largely tropical climate, and feeds somewhat into the warm winds travelling from the equatorial regions and has arid regions in addition to tropical regions. The warm winds from the equatorial regions are due to the Hadley Cell of air circulation that travels until 30 degrees latitude north, keeping these latitudinal regions relatively warm. However, nearby 30 degrees latitude, where India lies, the air tends...

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Is Hurricane Harvey a Case of Climate Change

With rainfall still continuing over southeastern Texas, USA, The Guardian reports that flooding due to tropical storm Harvey has claimed at least 35 lives by August 31, 2017. In an unfortunate development, two explosions have taken place at a chemical plant in Crosby, Texas that suffered a power shortage due to the flooding caused by Harvey. The plant run by Arkema manufactures organic peroxides used in the production of plastic and paint products, which can be extremely combustible.  With floodwaters...

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Top Ten Eastern flowing Rivers in India You Must Know About

The Abounding Indian Rivers  The landscape of India is plentiful in rivers, which have a massive impact on the lives of ordinary Indians. Rivers are a source of water, hydro-electricity, transportation and a source of income for an innumerable number of Indians. Most major cities of India located by the banks of rivers and many disputes within India occur over the sharing of waters of these rivers. East-flowing Indian rivers presented here flow to the eastern coast of India, through the eastern...

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The Yamuna Biodiversity Park | Example of Wasteland Restoration

Backdrop of Wasteland Restoration Wastelands are degraded lands where the soil might have low productive capacity. Wastelands include areas that are affected by erosion, shifting cultivation, high salinity or alkalinity, riverine lands, or lands that are affected by water logging, or moisture deficiency. Such areas can be ecologically unstable, with displacement of top soil, and are thus also unsuitable for agricultural activity. However, such lands can be restored. There are several examples...

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Plate tectonics | Quick recycling of Earth’s crust in less than 500 million years

Plate tectonics and the mantle You may feel that the grounds you play football on every evening is unchanging as ever. However, nothing can be further from the truth. The earth's crust too undergoes a cycle of birth and death that have changed the way our planet looks over millions of years. In 2011, scientists found evidence that this cycle was quicker than thought: 500 million years instead of 2 billion. The tectonic plates that constitute the crust are pushing, pulling or brushing past one another,...

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Right to Privacy a Fundamental Right | Supreme Court Rules

In a path breaking decision, the Supreme Court ruled on August 24, 2017 that privacy is a fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. The verdict was delivered by a nine-Judge bench of the Supreme Court of India led by Chief Justice J.S. Khehar. The Court, providing new dimensions to the privacy debate, in its 547-page judgment overruled the M.P. Sharma verdict of 1958 and the Kharak Singh verdict of 1961 in which the verdict was dependent on the right to privacy not being...

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The Energy Mix Conundrum

World over, the move is towards renewable energy. However, India is registering steady rise in the consumption of coal.

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Understanding the Hadley Cell | The Single Cell Circulation

Heat is transferred from the equatorial to the polar regions by a system of wind circulation that is independent of the longitudes, called axisymmetric circulation (symmetrical to the Earth’s axis), and is commonly referred to as the Hadley Cell of single cell circulation. In the Hadley Cell, the warm air at the equatorial regions rises and moves towards the polar regions and then sinks at the higher latitudes due to the colder temperatures of these regions. This air then begins moving back...

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Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 and New Learnings for Science

In what is being called the 2017 Great American Eclipse, about all of North America was swathed in different shades of darkness on August 21, 2017 in the event of a total solar eclipse (Fig 1). The total solar eclipse was viewed by people in North America, and a partial eclipse was visible to people in parts of South America, Europe and Africa. The path of totality, or the line sketched by the 2017 Great American Eclipse covering narrow regions in total darkness passed through areas of 14 American...