Pollution | VOL.13, ISSUE 78, May-June 2013

The Dirty TEN

1) Ludhiana PM 10: 251 Global rank: 4 A June 2010 Report by Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) states that industrial units have been worsening the air quality of the city. As per inventory prepared by PPCB there are 994 polluting industries in Ludhiana emitting the aforesaid pollutants. Furthermore, due to an erratic power supply most of the establishments, residential houses and industries have installed diesel gensets to cater to their power needs, which are spewing uncontrolled emissions within the city limits. Moreover, anaerobic digestion of untreated garbage in water bodies and landfills within the city limits is emitting methane etc. The Environment Statistics of Punjab compiled for the year 2011 by Economic and Statistical Organisation (ESO) cites increasing pollution from vehicles as a major cause of air pollution. Ludhiana is fast turning out to be the vehicle capital of Punjab, with 12.2 lakh vehicles registered with the district authorities, with nearly one lakh vehicles added within 2011 (Road and Transport Yearbook 2009-10 and 2010-2011, published in July 2012 by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways). The Department of Family and Welfare, Punjab, states that the number of asthma patients is on the rise; and Dayanand Medical College and Hospital’s Vice-Principal Jagdeep Whig in an interview with the Times of India on February 4, 2011 added that nearly 80 patients visit OPD per day with...

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