Planning n Mitigation | VOL. 14, ISSUE 83, March-April 2014 |

Utilisation of Open Source Geospatial Technologies for Disaster Preparedness

Each state in India has its disaster preparedness plan and as per the new guidelines of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) even districts have preparedness plans along the lines of state plans. Cyclone Phailin has shown that if local or central agencies are prepared for a disaster before it strikes, loss of life can be drastically minimised. As the preparedness plan has to be executed on the ground, accurate and current information about the terrain is of great importance; for this local surveys need to be conducted to collect ground data, shelter information and much more. As in the case of a flood, people in low lying areas have to be shifted to shelters/hospitals; capacity of shelters, availability of beds and number of hospitals have to be verified on the ground. An exercise utilising geo-informatic technologies (smart phones with GPS/online maps) for database creation of shelters and hospitals has...

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