BREXIT: What Next?

Update on November 9, 2016 India and the United Kingdom share a vibrant and healthy relationship. Both the countries have historical relations and are best examples of functioning democracies in the contemporary times. The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May is in India. Arriving this Sunday, Theresa May attended the Tech Summit in Bangaluru on November 8 (the last of her three day visit starting on November 6, 2016), to discuss free trade with India and aims to boost relationship with India after Brexit formally happens. Ahead of her visit it was officially stated by delegate spokesperson, that "We want to look at how we can establish more of dialogue to explore what that relationship would look like so that once we have left the European Union, we will be ready to move as quickly as possible to develop that free-trade relationship". Upon arrival Theresa May, announced a ‘bespoke’ fast-track visa service for ‘high net-worth’ Indians and their families. In order to attract investment, and strengthen business ties she also promised quicker border checks for all business travellers from India to Britain. Prime Minister May said "The UK will consider further improvements to our visa offer if at the same time we can step up the speed and volume of returns of Indians with no right to remain in the UK." Indian Prime Minister...

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