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World Bank ranks Andhra no 1 in Energy Efficiency

The World Bank has ranked Andhra Pradesh as number 1 in ‘Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness’. The World Bank was particularly impressed with the effective implementation of energy efficiency and energy conservation in Andhra Pradesh, which saw about 1500 MU of Annual Energy Savings within a span of two years through the adoption of LED technology in domestic and urban street lighting sectors. Andhra Pradesh scored an overall 42.01 in energy efficiency, securing the first rank, followed...

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Business Model for Rooftop Solar In India

As India aims to become a global leader in rooftop solar power, a third party financing model could help unleash the industry’s significant potential—with the right policies and financial instruments.

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India: Topping in Renewables

India figured among the top five nations, both in terms of investment and total capacity generation of renewables in 2015, as per the Renewables 2016 Global Status Report.

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India’s Bid for Membership to NSG- What went wrong?

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in a bilateral meeting with the President of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Xi Jinping, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on June 23, 2016. Photo Courtesy: PIB There is a general feeling today among some sections of the Indian public and the diaspora that the country has entered its best phase in diplomatic mediations. This sense of bonhomie that is being projected by the highest offices of the country unfortunately has not translated into much success at the negotiating...

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Highlights of the Renewable Energy Policy Network (REN21) Report

First published in 2005, the annual Renewables Global Status Report is the most comprehensive and timely overview of the status, recent developments and trends in renewable energy markets, industries, investments, and policy developments worldwide. By design, it does not provide analysis or forecast. Data are provided by a network of 700 contributors, researchers, and authors from all over the world. On...

Renewable Energy | VOL. 15, ISSUE 94, January-February 2016

Urban India: Reaching out to the Sun

India has an ambitious National Solar Mission for the accelerated deployment of solar power technologies in the coming years. Rooftop solar photovoltaic is a promising technology for urban areas in India.

Renewable Energy | VOL. 15, ISSUE 94, January-February 2016

Distributed Solar Energy Systems

Decentralised electricity generation or dispersed generation based on renewable energy can be the right solution for power-stressed regions like southern India that receive ample solar insolation for more than 300 days in a year. Smart grid technology, coupled with supportive government policies, can indeed help the region tide over its power problems.

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G’nY’s solar story brought change in Lakshadweep

New Delhi, December 30 (G’nY News Service): The before and after of the same place, different years in the idyllic Kavaratti, the island capital of Lakshadweep. Following G’nY ‘s story in the issue titled ‘The Isles of Lakshdweep’ in November 2012, the broken down facilities were redeemed for the energy starved island in February, 2013, when the then Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah  inaugurated the 760 KWp Grid Interactive SPV Power Plant’. The plant...

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Waste to Energy Plant, Ghazipur

New Delhi, July 31 (G’nY News Service): While inspecting the Waste-to-Energy Plant at Ghazipur, Delhi’s incumbent Minister for Environment and Forest, Asim Ahmed Khan, emphasized on the urgent need for Waste Management. Talking about the proliferating population of the National Capital, the Minister addressed that New Delhi is in urgent need of a proper solid waste management system. The Minister also cited immediate adoption of best international practices for bolstering the solid waste...

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Renewable energy beats nuclear in the world’s top economies

New Delhi, July 15 (G’nY News Service): The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2015 released in the House of Commons in London revealed that the major economies of the world now bank more on renewable energy sources than nuclear for their electricity demands. The report states that solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy, other than hydro-electric dams are the chief sources of electricity for countries such as India, China and Japan along with Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands and Spain....