Renewable Energy | VOL. 10, ISSUE 61, July-August 2010

Renewable News

An update on recent happenings in the world of renewables.

Turbine Effect on Yukon River fish A University of Alaska Fairbanks fisheries scientist has teamed up with Alaska Power and Telephone to study how a new power generating turbine affects fish in Yukon River. In the brief testing that has been accomplished there is no indication that the turbine has killed or even injured fish. Alaska Power and Telephone installed the in-stream turbine near Eagle, Alaska this summer and are testing its effectiveness as a power source for the village. The turbine is 16-feet wide and 8-feet tall. It’s suspended from an anchored pontoon barge in the deepest and fastest part of the River. The turbine has four blades that spin at about 22 revolutions per minute. The scientists capture fish at the turbine site and near the shore. The captured fish are identified, counted, measured and released alive back into the River. This information allows scientists to determine the path of downstream migrating fish–such as juvenile salmon. It also allows them to determine how many of the different fish species are in the channel and when they migrate. If a fish does pass through the turbine, it was examined and for general health and indication of injury. The study claims that preliminary results show that very few fish are passing through the turbine and those that do are not showing any signs of injury....

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