GeographyandYou, (English) and its counterpart Bhugol Aur Aap (Hindi) are two fortnightly and monthly journo-mags respectively that encompass various aspects of the multidisciplinary branch of semi-scientific study, embodying works in different genres of science, technology and sociology around the globe. The journo-mags have completed 16 gratifying years of success. The magazine has a readership of over 6 lakhs making it India’s most authentic and popular science magazine !

Special Issues

Geography and You understands and appreciates the need for access to quality information. It is for this foremost cause that the magazine was conceived. In keeping with our tradition of imparting and sharing well researched, and fully credited content for 16 long years, we GIFT you 8 Free selected e-mag issues of G'nY from 2011 onwards. We hope you will find them useful and delightful. Happy reading. - Editor, G'nY

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Current Issue

The current issue of G’nY has a special focus on developmental odds in India. There are detailed information on pros and cons of interlinking rivers, role of mangroves in protecting our coastal environment, how India has failed to define a poverty line, deterioration of India’s surface waters and a special piece on BREXIT. Such topics are deeply examined in the papers presented in this journo-mag. Apart from these topics, the issue presents special features on the nation’s progress in renewable energy.

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Previous Issues

Check out our previous magazines to generate knowledge on science and technology, climate change, economy, life, population, disasters and agriculture.

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Our Books

Our books comprises of articles that cover a gamut of topics. They cover a lot of topics like pollution, biodiversity, policy interventions, energy,adaption, science etc. The compilation is especially usefull for students and researchers who are looking for relevant and succinct information.

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