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Incessant rain inundates Madhya Pradesh

New Delhi, July 20 (G’nY News Service): Incessant monsoon rains that Madhya Pradesh witnessed since July 18 brought about flash floods in many parts of the state. The capital of the state, Bhopal, was also affected by the continuous downpour and normal life in the city was disturbed. The water-clogged streetscaused hindrance in transportation and many trains are reported to be running behind schedule due to water in railway tracks.

Worst affected was the historic temple district of Ujjain, and many temples were reported to have been inundated. Ujjainwitnessed 310 mm of rainfall in 24 hours, resulting in escalating level of Shipra and Gambhir rivers. According to official reports, most temples situated near the banks of these rivers were submerged till the dome.

Following the threats of the rising water levels, residents in the vicinity had to be evacuated to the 10 shelters set up by the government.

Weather officials from Skymet revealed that the heavy downpouris the result of a cyclonic circulation which is hovering above Northwest Madhya Pradesh (MP). The cyclonic circulation is aided by the axis of Monsoon trough which is also passing through the circulation. Also contributing are the moist winds from the Arabian Sea that have resulted in increased precipitation over the areas.

The recent spell of rain has made up for the deficit rainfall that most parts of western Madhya Pradesh part received. Western Madhya Pradesh received significantly scanty rainfall during this year’s monsoon owing to the absence of a weather system. It recorded -12% of the average Monsoon rainfall, till date.


In the last 24 hours, Ujjain recorded 319 mm rain, Bhopal 149 mm, and Indore 129 mm as per Skymet mappings.

West Madhya Pradesh and neighbouring East Rajasthan are expected to receive more rainfall in the next 24 to 48 hours.

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