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Land and Livelihood: Debating the Land Acquisition Law

Kolkata, Feb 11 (GnY News Service): The New Land Act of 2013 was meant to remove the historic injustices perpetrated on land-owners and attempted to make acquisitions participatory with social sanction for projects. It introduced restrictions on the acquiring of multi-cropped land, rehabilitation and compensation of affected families, and the need for social impact assessment of projects. Unused land was also to be returned to the land-owners. However, proposed amendments to the New Act will do away with the need for consent for public-private partnership projects, and will demand just a zero to 50 per cent consent for other projects. An ambiguous “urgency clause” is sought to be introduced, which will facilitate land acquisition for occasions other than war or national emergency. In short, this will overturn the major clauses of the New Act and the purpose it was aimed for.


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Chinmoyee Mallik, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.

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