Wildlife | VOL. 15, ISSUE 91, July-August 2015 |

The Lion’s New Home

A sundry image is building up as the monsoon drama unfolds over the sub-continent. Not long ago, amongst the several stories of angst, Gujarat’s torrential rains that continued for three long days in the last week of June, was in the spotlight. Severe flash floods in Amreli and Bhavnagar districts, took a toll on life and property, along with washing away nine endangered Asiatic Lions from their homes in the Gir Forest National Park located in the south western part of Amreli. Forest officials recovered carcasses of four lions and lionesses each and a female cub, from the banks of the flooded Shetrunji River in Bhavnagar district. The perished lions are believed to be among the 40 odd big cats that forest officials said were ‘missing’ from the Krakach range of the Gir forest following the heavy rains. As per a news report in the Indian Express, published in June...

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