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Debutant -2015′ at Rendezvous 2015, IIT, Delhi

New Delhi, October 19 (G’nY News Service): An inter-college fresher’s parliamentary debate was organized by IIT Delhi on 18th October which was on the third day of their parent event, ‘Rendezvous 2015’. A total of 16 teams from 12 colleges battled each other to get the winning prize of Rs.15,000. Following the knockout round, the finalists Miranda House and Sri Ram College for Commerce (SRCC) argued on the topic ‘Privatizing Municipal Corporation’. Miranda House spoke for the motion while SRCC was placed against the motion.

The young team of Miranda House argued how private institutions can work better than the government and provide better facilities than already available by the government. They also highlighted the problem of sanitation in India which our government fails to solve and what private companies can achieve. Lack of funds and research facilities to the government is a barrier in providing better facilities to the common people. Corruption in Indian Government was also highlighted.


On the other hand, the SRCC team flagged issues about how private companies would charge much higher than what government does which the general population of India will not be able to bear. Also in contradiction to Miranda House’s points, SRCC claimed that the government has almost the same technology and research facilities as the private institutions do. Therefore it will not make much of a difference if private companies come in place for the government.

There were 11 judges in the panel, which had a very difficult decision to make. In the end 6 of the judges gave their decision in favour of Miranda House while the rest voted for SRCC. Miranda house thus won the inter-college fresher’s parliamentary debate organized by IIT-D.

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