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Heavy rains killed two in Uttarakhand

New Delhi, July 7 (G’nY News Service): The heavy rains of 5-6 June proved unfortunate for Uttarakhand. The rains lashed the state killing 2 people and disrupting the day-to day life. Electricity, water supply and the vehicular motion has been hit hard.

According to reports, two persons died at different places in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. One was reported dead in Nainital city when a tree uprooted due to landslides and fell over him. One more death was reported near theRamnagararea where a man was drowned while trying to cross a river. At many places houses also suffered damages due to landslides.

The meteorological department in Dehradun reported that Nainital received 120 mm of rainfall in two days, which is highest for the state this year. Other districts like Haldwani, Dehradun, Roorkee, Mussoorie and Pithoragarh received 110 mm, 83.7 mm, 79 mm, 60 mm and 51.6 mm respectively. With the rivers and streams crossing the danger mark, the officials issued a notice for people residing near them.

Many regions of the state reported power cuts as the water and electricity supply was interrupted. With the mud and slush flowing, the roads are blocked hitting the traffic hard. If the rains continue, the situation may worsen.

Heavy rains killed two in Uttarakhand

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