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Online courses are an easy way to assure meaningful learning- only if you know what to learn and where from. We thus bring you a unique collection, designed by universities around the world to help you learn unconventionally.

Rethinking Ageing: Are we prepared to live longer?

Presented by:  The University of Melbourne

Total Duration: 5 weeks

Total Cost: Free course USD 30 certification fee

Certification: Available

Nearly every country around the globe is witnessing a rapid ageing of its population. This online course combines several branches of learning to understand the effects of living longer while keeping in mind the technological progression, the economics and the ethics to assess how the definition of ‘ageing well’ has changed and is expected to change in the future. This course is tailor-made for learners who wish to gain a broad overview of the issues that humans face as they get older. This course is offered through a series of interesting and interrelated modules.

Link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/ageing

 Feeding the World

Presented by: University of Pennsylvania

Total Duration: 8 weeks

Total Cost: Free course with USD 30 certification fee

Certification: Available

This course will look into the concepts that drive  existing food production science around the globe with a special focus on livestock production. The course also provides a detailed outlook on the global issues and challenges that surround food production and how scientists and farmers are working together to solve such issues. The course is useful for someone who wishes to learn about animal husbandry and agricultural sciences.

Link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/feedingtheworld

Population and Community Ecology

Presented by: OpenStax College, Rice University

Total Duration: 1 week

Total Cost: Free course

Certification: Available

The course will help students learn about species, populations and how their way of living is influenced by environment and natural selection. The course includes an introduction to the tools used by ecologists to gain understanding and take measurements of size, density and age structure of a population. The course will also shed light on how the environment affects population growth and why populations then follow a logistic growth curve when resources are scarce. The course will be beneficial for professionals in ecology or environmental sciences who wish to extend their learning on social and environmental repercussions of extensive
population growth.

Link: https://alison.com/course/ecology-studies-population-and-community-ecology

Introduction to Sociology and Social Life

Presented by: OpenStax College, Rice University

Total Duration: 3 weeks

Total Cost: Free course

Certification: Available

The course focuses on introduction to sociology in the context of varied societies and cultures along with what influences them. The course provides an introduction to sociology and elucidates three theories, namely structural-functionalism, symbolic interactionism and conflict theory. The course also discusses social inequality and its impacts, along with the social division caused by diverse cultural socialisation.

Link:  https://alison.com/course/introduction-to-sociology-and-social-life

Disease Screening in Public Health

Presented by: University of Geneva, University of Lausanne

Total Duration: 8 weeks

Total Cost: Free course with USD 49 certification fee

Certification: Available

This massive open online course will help students get a hold of vital concepts revolving around screening programmes in health through a series of relevant examples. Public health has an imperative directive to gauge the promises and the drawbacks of disease screening strategies. The course will enable students to acquire the skill and understanding required to participate in the field of disease screening and gain an understanding of the public health perspective in such programmes. The programme concludes with interviews with experts in the field, followed by a small quiz to culminate the course.

Link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/screening

Major Depression in the Population: A Public Health Approach

Presented by: Johns Hopkins University

Total Duration: 6 weeks

Total Cost: Free course with USD 30 certification fee

Certification: Available

This course highlights the approach to disease and particularly the complexities of applying the public health approach to other common yet ignored diseases such as mental disorders, depression and more. The course has various modules, which takes the student through the domains of public health while concluding on depression and its care. Spanning six weeks, this course is useful for working professionals and social workers who wish to gain insights into the public health approach to chronic depression.

Link:  https://www.coursera.org/learn/public-health-depression

Essentials of Lifestyle Medicine and Population Health

Presented by: Doane University

Total Duration: 2 weeks

Total Cost: Free course with USD 99 certification fee

Certification: Available

Multiple healthcare systems around the globe are out of order and functioning without vital components of an optimal healthcare system, leading to expensive healthcare and poor results. This course will wrap through the fundamentals of population health and describe its vital components while discussing about the healthcare delivery models globally. This two week course requires an effort of just an hour a day and will help the students identify how workforce health affects an organisation.

Link:  www.edx.org/course/essentials-of-lifestyle-medicine-and-population-health

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