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Migration in India: A Policy Perspective

Migration has been a historical process, shaping social structure, both caste and class relations, patriarchy and family. It also plays an important role in present day regionalism in India invoking the sentiments of ‘sons of the soil’. The impact of migration on the social and political life of people is enormous. But these issues find little place in research and the discourse on migration revolves around its economic aspects and the impact on labour market dominate current literature. Migration Studies and social structure India’s social organisation is known for the institution of caste based hierarchical arrangement of social groups where status is determined by birth. Each social group lived in a spatially demarcated area to be identified with the level of purity and pollution. The lowest rung of the caste hierarchy is the Shudras— the untouchables and now called scheduled castes, occupied the outskirts of villages as they were considered...

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