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Why so Many Rapes? Sexual Violence against Women in India

In January 2018, an unidentified man raped an 80 year old woman inside her home in village Talwade near Pune (Outlook, 2018). In the same month, an 8 year old girl’s mangled body was found dumped in the jungles near Rasana village of Jammu and Kashmir after being gang raped and unspeakably brutalised. Barely two months later in Delhi, a 28 year old man was arrested for raping his 8 month old cousin. The baby languished in hospital in a critical condition (BBC, 2018). Every single day newspapers break such stories of rapes from different corners of the country. Neither infant nor octogenarian seem safe from this epidemic of rape. In earlier decades, high profile cases such as those of Rameeza Bi, Maya Tyagi, Soni Sori and Bhanwari Devi had led to discussions on custodial rape. The Nirbhaya case in 2012 where a 23 year old was gang-raped with a...

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