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Polar Bears in dangerdue to global warming

New Delhi, July 4 (G’nY News Service): A new U.S. study suggests that polar bears are heavily being affected by global warming.

A new study by the U.S. Geological survey has observed that the melting ice caused by global warming is taking a heavy toll on the polar bears in the Arctic regions.With the way the ice caps are melting,the population of the polar bears shall be affected greatly. The area’s most affected regionsare Alaska.

The study suggested that the failure to curb carbon emissions combined with the conspicuous consumption of fossil fuels has led to this problem. Industries and big corporations release toxic gases into the air which clubbed together and contribute greatly towards global warming.

The polar bears use floating ice for hunting, mating and traveling vast distances. In this process they avoid swimming long distances and hence conserve their energies. But now it seems it shall be difficult for these polar bears to adapt to their new environment. They would have to swim long distances and exhaust themselves.

The study also found that other activities such as gas and oil exploration or hunting by indigenous population had little impact on the polar bear population when compared to global warming.

Destructive human activities have pushed the species on the edge of extinction. Pollution in the air is significantly contributing to the global warming crisis. It is causing the polar ice caps melt at an even faster pace. Scientists claim that global warming is also resulting in a decline in the availability of marine prey of these bears.

Polar Bears in dangerdue to global warming

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