Education | VOL. 16, ISSUE 95, March-April 2016

Place of Geography in School Curriculum

Geography is an important school subject. However, considerable ambiguities persist in its exact position within academia. As an inclusive discipline, the content of geography is derived from various subjects in the sciences, social sciences and humanities. This is equally true about the geography syllabus in schools as well. As a result, geography is still dogged by questions of how the discipline is to be categorised; whether in the natural or the social sciences (Bhog et al., 2012). The subject, hence, occupies an uncertain place in school curricula, with its academic location varying across various school boards and stages (i.e. primary, secondary and higher secondary) in education. Place of geography in school curricula Globally, geography is taught either as an independent subject or within an integrated framework. In the secondary school stage, geography is mainly taught as one of a group of subjects called social science or as part of earth science or natural science. In the integrated curriculum, geographers are mainly concerned with the role of geography in relation to other subjects.   [caption id="attachment_490" align="aligncenter" width="581"] Table 1: Teaching of geography in Indian schools.[/caption] According to Molly Long (1974) the following different types of integrated studies of geography are the norm: Environmental Studies: Geography is taught as part of environmental related curricula. Social Studies or Humanities: Geography is commonly combined with history or civics....

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