Education | VOL. 11, ISSUE 68, September-October 2011 |

The Changing Face of Geography

Geographers have as their task the description and explanation of the living space of humans and the resulting spatial structure of society. The development of formal views of these concerns forms the basis for the modern science of geography. But, the extent and complexity of the world we live in make this task hard. The volumes of data that result from even cursory global investigation are a serious impediment to our understanding. Fifty years ago, it was not possible to handle any large set of the hard copy maps and data that were being gathered, much less analyse them in any efficient way. The resulting inability - indeed the failure - to ask questions, let alone consider in depth the role of various interacting influences shaping the individual and societal factors, left us with a deep and generally unrecognised ignorance of space and time behaviour. The advent of computers as...

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