Urbanization | VOL. 16, ISSUE 96, May-June 2016

Smarter Hyderabad

In the last couple of years, smart cities has become the buzzword in India’s citified parlance. Urban development professionals are engaged in not only trying to zero in on the exact definition of a smart city but also analysing living examples of the possible components in this regard, both within and outside the country. States are vying with each other in the run-up to make it to the smart cities list. The present government has been focussing on building new well planned cities, and retrofitting the existing ones. To improve the urban centres, two major schemes—the Smart Cities Mission and Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) were launched in June 2015 (Press Information Bureau, 2015 June 25). While the Smart Cities Mission is focussing on building innovative, hi-tech and digitally advanced cities; AMRUT aims at providing excellent basic amenities, such as adequate water, electricity, sanitation and other such services. https://www.geographyandyou.com/population/urbanization/smart-cities-framework-digital-india/ Selection of Smart Cities The Smart Cities Mission selected 20 cities to be developed into smart cities in the first list released in January 2016. The selection covered a wide geographical area among which were New Delhi and Chennai (Indian Express, 2016 January 29). Recently, Warangal, along with 13 other cities were added to the initial list in May 2016. The names were selected from a list of 97 cities submitted by states...

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