Research Studies on Stratospheric and Tropospheric Ozone




A study which examined the Arctic ozone depletion at eight stations in the Arctic stipulates that the Arctic stratospheric ozone recovery, predicted for the mid 2030s, might be significantly delayed (Pommereau, 2018). The study observed that the 2015-2016 ozone depletion is the third largest reported since the introduction of Systèmed’Analyse par Observation Zénithale (SAOZ) network measurements in 1990. The earlier largest ozone losses were observed in 1996 and a record loss in 2010-2011. The same study shows that there will be further cooling of the Arctic lower stratosphere due to increasing greenhouse gas concentrations. There is a possibility that the return dates of ozone to pre-depletion 1980 level might be pushed back by an estimated 5-17 years than those presented in the 2014 Ozone Assessment.


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