Climate Change Effects: An Ocean at risk

An Ocean at Risk




An Ocean at Risk


Climate change and anthropogenic factors are causing many marine species to die out, resulting in a devastating impact on the coastal populace. Replenishing mangrove ecosystems can provide a viable solution to tackle this problem.

The 21st century marks a time of rapid and unprecedented ocean biodiversity loss. Ninety per cent of fish species has been extracted from the oceans including large sharks, groupers, snappers, wild salmon and many reef fish including parrotfish and hump head wrasse. India is the world’s second largest fish producing country; an estimated 3.4 million tonnes of marine fish were landed in 2015 (CMFRI, 2016). But habitat destruction, overfishing, unsustainable coastal development and ocean warming are driving species decline across the coast. Ocean pollution is also increasingly becoming an issue; with recent reports suggesting that over 30 per cent of globally consumed seafood contains plastic particles (ibid).


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