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Ageing India (Print Copy)


With ‘Ageing India’, Geography and You publishes a double issue


The 130th and 131st issue of Geography and You

The 130th and 131st issue of Geography and You titled, ‘Ageing India’ assesses the situation of India’s ageing population, especially in terms of the causes and consequences of current demographic trends. The issue includes, ‘Ageing and Intergenerational Transfer in India’, ‘Living Arrangements among the Elderly’, ‘Employment Scenario among the Elderly in India’, ‘Elder Abuse in India’ besides many more articles. It also features an interview with Matthew Cherian, Chief Executive Officer, Helpage India.

Date: 15 & 16-30 April 2019

Language:     English
Magazine:     Print-Magazine
Publisher:      Iris Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Price :             INR 120
Pages:             84


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