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Land and Livelihood Magazine: Perspectives on land acquisition and its impacts

Date: Jan – Feb 2015

About Issue:

The special issue on Land (G’nY January-February 2015) provides valuable insights into new developments in the country. This up-to-date research document has a range of articles highlighting the positives alongside the challenges our new land related policies are throwing up. The features range from a critique on the new Land Act 2013 and the 2014 Ordinance on land acquisition to resettlement woes of the communities removed from project areas. Articles by the intellectual community and renowned professors such as Chinmoyee Mallik, Vijai Singh, Sucharita Sen, Himanshu, Uma Dey Sarkar, Saraswati Raju, Siddhartha Dabhi and Steffen Böhm speak volumes about the state of affairs in our nation. A second section about India’s Smart Cities by Amrapali Mukherjee and Anuradha Banerjee is of special contemporary relevance. Apart from the features by scholars, a special career section on land management courses has been added especially for students.

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