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Man V/S God Magazine

Date : May-June 2015

About Issue:

The special issue on disasters (G’nY May-June 2015) provides valuable insights into new areas of hazard mapping. India’s disaster mitigation plans are in urgent need of uphauling in the perspective of the recent Nepal tragedy. Titled ‘Man Vs God: Disaster mitigation needs prioritisation for risk-sensitive development’ the issue has a range of articles highlighting the positives alongside the challenges in terms of infrastructure built in hazard prone areas. The features range from a critique of India’s role in disaster mitigation to needs that the nation has to highlight by making man more responsible and alert to the consequences of their actions. Articles by the intellectual community and renowned professors and economists such as Manu Gupta, C P Rajendran, Piyoosh Rautela, G P Ganapathy and Anil K Sinha speak volumes about the state of affairs in our nation. A second section about ecosystem damage in the perspective of Sundarban and endangered species in India is of special contemporary relevance.

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