Regional Development in India

Regional Development in India


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Regional Development in India Magazine

Date :  July – August 2014

About Issue:

The Special Issue on Regional Development (G’nY July-August 2014) provides valuable insights into the impediments that result in lopsided growth over space. The articles that range from policy to paradigm shifts highlight the lack of concerted effort towards bridging gaps between developed and lesser-developed areas within the nation. The issue begins by enhancing understanding about indicators of development, with a succinct feature by Sachidanand Sinha, and moves beyond in the next to outline the reasons for regional imbalance by Rajarshi Majumder. Bikramaditya K Choudhary discusses the planning process down the ages with an insightful article, following which, issue-based development concerns have been raised by Dripto Mukhopadhyay, Tulika Tripathi and Minakshi Chakraborty.

Apart from the features by eminent scholars, several reports and data have been brought forth that range from a sand mining feature and development of forest people to changes in household consumption and HDI reports. Regional portfolios of BRICS and SAARC have been briefly discussed in the issue. Also, the usual term power section on development parameters adds to the learning experience.

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