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Science for People (Print Copy)


September 1 – 15 2018  Geography and you 116 Issue, Science For People


The issue on Science for People is a special issue developed in collaboration with  National Physical Laboratory (NPL) which discusses about innovations developed by the prestigious institute. It informs about indigenous security ink for currency notes to save counterfeiting of currency notes, calibrated centres for medical instruments, measuring and testing of air quality emissions, development of photovoltaic modules, maintaining of national standards and many more. The issue entails a plethora of information about the forthcoming technovations developed at the esteemed institute which has been propelling the growth of the economy.

Date: 1st September – 15th September 2018

Features :-

Language English
Magazine Print copy
Publisher Iris Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Price INR 60
Pages 48
 Payment Method  Debit/Credit card acceptable


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