Skill Starved India (Print Copy)



Skill Starved India
How able is India’s workforce? Geography & You explored this issue in detail and found some surprising and shocking results. For example, the proportion of working age population without any technical education has remained stagnant at about 97 per cent between 1999-2000 and 2011-12 according to NSSO data. This is in light of neighbours like China beginning with similar foundations to India, which now has about half of its workforce formally trained. India in contrast presents a sorry state in terms of skill development. Apart from dismal training in terms of numbers, even employability in India is dismally low, with employability issues requiring structural repair in as much as 67 per cent of cases. These and numerous other numbers paint a striking scenario for India, with great overhauls required for employability to increase.

Date : September- October – 2017
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