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Climate Change Effects: An Ocean at Risk

Climate Change Effects: An Ocean at Risk With over 7 per cent of recorded species globally, including 45,000 plants, and 91,000 animals, India embodies the definition of mega-diverse country. India’s vertebrate groups demonstrate high levels of endemism with the 10th highest global levels of endemism among birds (69 species), 5th in reptiles (156 species), and 7th in amphibians (110 species) (MoEF, 2014). This is unsurprising; India by virtue of its geomorphologic and climatic variability hosts a wide variety of ecosystems, including 4 of 34 globally identified hotspots: The Himalayas; the Western Ghats; the North-East; and the Nicobar Islands (ibid). India’s biodiversity underpins ecosystem functions and services that are invaluable to humanity, and which form the support system for growth and development of the country. For instance, India is the third largest producer of fish in the world, contributing almost 5 per cent to global fish production; the annual fish catch...

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